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Related article: Society has to its credit is that the right sort of mare can be and has been produced. Of these, Shy Lass, Confidential and Oh My, are standing examples. The problem still to be solved is that of the stallions. There are two now which will be at the service of breeders. There is Rosewater, the champion pony, Lord Polo and Sandiway both are smart ponies, and should suit long- reachy mares nearly clean bred. The great difficulty which hitherto has' hindered real progress in polo pony breeding has been the want of permanence in the efforts made. It would be a good thing if the Polo Pony Society would form a small experimental stud farm which would enable us to pass from theory to practice and de- termine the value of the various strains of pony blood and of in- breeding, in order to keep down the size, and whether Arab blood should be introduced and in what proportion. It would be particu- larly interesting to note which of the English breeds of ponies the Society has taken under its wing might be utilised with best advan- tage to form a foundation stock from which to develop by judicious 1899.] THE COMING POLO SEASON'. ii selection and out crosses the polo pony of the future. In the mean- time, we shall have to fill up the gaps in the stalls of our polo pony stables with some of the Ameri- cans, which can, without doubt, be imported at a reasonable profit. These reflections will not be without some advantage or at- traction to those players, present or future, who are wondering how to mount themselves. On the question as to the supply of good ponies at a reasonable price the future of the game depends. But from this topic it is time we turned to the actual play which is promised us. The Wimbledon and Crystal Palace Clubs will open their gates early in the season and their pro- grammes will doubtless come to hand in time. Under the man- agement of Mr. T. Drybrough and Captain F. Herbert they should be able to arrange for some good matches, yet no new clubs can hope to com- pete with the great contests of the season — the Inter -Regi- mental and Champion Cup at Hurlingham, the Hunt Cup and Subaltern's Tournament at Rane- lagh, and the County Polo Asso- ciation's Cup, which, later in the season will be a great draw for some one of our county clubs. The two preliminary programmes Proventil Hfa Inhaler Cost issued by Hurlingham and Rane- lagh with friendly rivalry (vide Field of March nth) are full of interesting items and promise much interesting play. Never- theless, it is to be hoped that in their desire to provide attractive matches for the spectators the managers will not forget the in- terests of the second-class players which are the interests of polo, and therefore of the clubs them- selves. No one who really cares for polo wishes to see the same set of players in various combina- tions perpetually. A new player of promise is always an object of very great interest, and unless the managers give these players, who are as yet unknown, sufficient chance, how can their capacities be known ? The managers at Ranelagh have always been alive to the necessity for the encourage- ment of new and comparatively inexperienced players. The Gen- eral Committee of the Hurling- ham Club have, during the past autumn, given us an evidence of the importance they attach to polo. Captain Egerton Greene and Mr. St. Quintin are both well-known to the polo men at large and are both experienced as players, and thus the General Manager, as well as the polo Secretary, will have the interests of the game at heart. The Hurlingham Committee, however, would certainly command more confidence if they adopted the now almost universal system of retirement by rotation so as to receive an influx of new blood and new ideas. The club has to legislate for polo everywhere, an'l therefore the constitution of tiieir committee has an importance which belongs to that of no other club, and which concerns a larger circle than their own members. We wish the new management every success, nor do we doubt that they will have it. May we venture to suggest as a motto for the coming season, " Sweet are the uses of advertisement," to those, at all events, who wish to know what Polo is corning on at the club. The news, that the somewhat burning question of the number of ponies to be kept at the club by any one member in to be considered, is satisfactory, Ranelagh has one advantage over Huningham in the room for expansion which their unrivallel 2/8 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April situation, and the enterprise with which they have taken advantage of it, give them. It is the peculiar credit of the club that although the list has long since been so full as to make the attraction of new members no important considera- tion, yet they have never ceased to Proventil Mg endeavour to meet the wants of those who belong to the club. Generic Proventil The addition of a practice ground, so much needed and desired by all London polo players, is a great boon, and will be of permanent benefit to the game as well as to the club. It is not possible to play polo really well without much and constant practice. The im- provement to the second ground has been very great, part of Purchase Proventil Online the turf having been taken up, and clay laid down instead of gravel. If we turn to the present state of the game itself we shall see that some changes are still needed in the rules. Mr. Drybrough, in his careful analysis of the laws of polo, has incidentally shown what a considerable divergence of practice there is from one another among the leading players, when acting as umpires, in the matter of "offside." It seems to us that all doubt should be removed, and a distinct direction given to umpires as to the position which lays a player open to the penalties of offside. So important a matter should not be left open to doubt. On thinking the matter over care- fully it seems impossible to doubt that Messrs. Buckmaster and Miller's view is the right one, and if, e.g., No. i A's pony's nose is in front of No. 4 B's pony, so that the umpire can see that it is so, then it follows that No. 1 is